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Opening of CCCC-FHEC Work Conference 2018 and the Fifth Session of its Ninth Staff and Workers’Congress


CCCC First Harbor Engineering Company (CCCC-FHEC) held its Work Conference 2018 and the Fifth Session of its Ninth Staff and Workers’ Congress on March 5, 2018 at its headquarter in Tianjin, China, with attendance of Wang Hongtao, Chairman and General Manager, and Mi Xiaochen, Jin Yi, Jiang Song, Liu Junhua, Zhao Chuanlin, Chen Ping, Huang Jiancang who are the Leadership of CCCC-FHEC as well as 178 delegates from its departments and branch companies, with a common aim to discuss how to better develop the company. Mi Xiaochen, Deputy General Manager of CCCC-FHEC, presided over the Conference and the Congress.

Wang Hongtao delivered a report on the work of the company themed “putting all the guiding principles from the CPC's 19th National Congress into actions, advancing reform and innovation persistently, and marching on a new path of high quality development”.

Liu Junhua, Chairman of the Trade Union of CCCC-FHEC delivered a report on the work of the Union in 2017, themed “Promoting the Union’s service by integrating its tasks with the central development tasks of the company, enhancing reform and innovation, continuing to make the Family of the Staff and Workers more warming and satisfactory”.

Wang Hongtao Reviewed the work of the CCCC-FHEC in 2017. He said CCCC-FHEC had been devoted to promoting reforms, adjusting business structures, advancing innovations, improving quality and efficiency in a complicated development context. Initial achievements have been made in transformation and upgrading. Improvements and innovations have been made in the management system. Supply-side structural reform has been carried out while tackling tough business challenges. The capacities of making scientific and technological innovations, of building engineering projects of major significance in an excellent manner and of preventing potential risks have been strengthened. Key tasks of building the Communist Party of China at various levels within the company have been fulfilled.

He stressed that from this year to 2020, we would be faced with both invaluable opportunities and challenging tasks. Reforms in promoting quality, efficiency and fostering more driving forces are to be implemented to lead the company to march on a new path of high quality development. The key tasks for the year include deepening reform steadily, especially the reform of the headquarters of CCCC-FHEC and its branch companies, working more diligently in traditional business fields, making more appropriate investments, further developing overseas businesses, enhancing project management capacities, improving work quality and efficiency, speeding up innovation-driven development and promoting Party building to better lead and support the development of CCCC-FHEC. (Zhao Li)

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